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It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Australia’s Transportable accommodation sector is in need of portable buildings that are designed and built to withstand the tough conditions encountered on worksites and settlements around the country.

Transportable Housing Concepts use strong, lightweight composite panelling which is waterproof and engineered to withstand W2 wind forces and achieves excellent thermal ratings.

Buildings can be supplied in different stages from “Flat pack” systems ready for assembly on site through to “Completed Structures” including fibreglass internal moulded furniture if required.

Fibre Honeycomb Duflex or Coosa is the new versatile product we use in the floors of our accommodation units. A Strong, vermin proof product that will not rot or rust, it is ideal for verandas and external stairs. It is currently being used on commercial building external stairways as it is lighter to handle during the construction stage and has a much longer life than steel or timber.

With our production facility, our main supply partners and experienced building team, we have the capability to supply quality dwellings from single room quarters through to multiple room and multiple levels, shower blocks, mess halls and kitchens.

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Transportable Housing Concepts fact sheet

  • As no timber used in the main structures, termites, borer and wood rot are eliminated.

  • The panels and core are manufactured in Australia ensuring excellent quality control at all times.

  • The roof panel is also made from composite panels and will not rust like iron giving a virtually maintenance free dwelling that provides a high insulation factor.

  • Furniture can be off the shelf or replicated from moulds providing a strong, modern, long lasting finish that will stand the test of time. The furniture pieces in the flat pack buildings are simply glued into place using special glues supplied bonding them structurally to the internal walls.

  • Installation onsite is easy with all connections ready to hook into the onsite plumbing and electrical system.

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  • The use of fire retardant resins in the panel construction stage and paint systems can be incorporated to help protect the building from the threat of fire. We can adjust the fire protection levels depending on the risk potential, right through to fully fire proof structures.
  • Exterior Decking is now available in composite timber look a like easy to fit planks and can be supplied to length.

  • Two modern trucks available to move your new units, designed for hauling modules on skids or trailer.

  • Top quality construction and the inclusion of quality fittings ensure longevity and liveability.

  • All units come with a warranty between 1 -10 years depending on the style of structure.


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